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Let Sonicwall keep you safe
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It’s not often that I see a bunch of techs get excited about a new product range, but the Sonicwall is one of those devices that just makes their lives so much easier, that it is hard not to get excited about it. We had one up and running within 48 hours at our offices.

So why should you have one for your business?

Viruses and ransomware have become very real threats to businesses of all sizes. According to statistics over 90% of cyber-attacks stem from a successful phishing campaign. All you need is one staff member to open an infected email and your entire network can be compromised.

While the concept behind the Sonicwall is not unique, it does have some great patented features that help it stand out from its competition. Chief amongst these is the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

How does ATP work?

There are two elements to ATP. Firstly, there is a database of identified threats that are stored on the device to allow for instant blocking of the threat. Secondly there is a sandbox environment that is set up to test suspect emails in real-time. Within seconds an answer is sent to your Sonicwall and any malicious emails are blocked.

The old adage that prevention is better than a cure definitely rings true here.

The entry level Sonicwall can support up to 5 users (10 devices are supported but we highly recommend that users cell phones run through the Sonicwall as well).

Should you want more information on the Sonicwall, please feel free to contact us

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