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3 must haves for every business
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While every business is unique, there are 3 items we would recommend every business should have.

  1. Backup Solution. Nothing on earth is going to provide peace of mind more than a good backup solution. To be effective the backed up files should be encrypted, and there should be a periodic test restore. Encrypted files cannot be re-encrypted, so this not only protects your files from being read by strangers but also protects against ransomware. Test restores will give you the peace of mind that the data being backed up can be restored successfully and is, in fact, the correct data.
  2. Your own domain. Nothing shouts fly-by-night quite like seeing an email from a Gmail or Yahoo email address. Those are great platforms for personal email but have no place in the business world. Why advertise somebody else’s business and not your own? Registering a domain is a simple process with relatively low costs.
  3. Anti-virus software. We have all heard that prevention is better than cure, and that is particularly true in the world of computers. Another expression that rings true here is that you get what you pay for, and while there are several free options that are not terrible, you want a package that will update the instant something new hits the Internet. This may happen several times a day.

If you are on a budget there are several free backup tools and anti-virus applications available in the marketplace. If you can only afford one, spend your money on the Anti-virus software for now.

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